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We service our many clients from our warehouse in Sarasota.  Our sales are transacted online with worldwide shipping, or made directly to select local buyers. 

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Gulf Coast Trader provides a wide range of professional services:

Selling modern, vintage and antique valuables of all kinds through online auction, with worldwide shipping

Local marketing or consignment of home furnishings to facilitate moving, downsizing or staging for home sale

Donating or disposing of items through our network of charitable organizations, junk removal and clean-out services 

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Our History:

Gulf Coast Trader was born out of a commitment to providing sellers with the best alternatives for selling their valuable property through local and online sales with worldwide shipping.  We have served our clients in the Florida Suncoast area since 2009.

Gulf Coast Trader specializes in consignments of personal property of all kinds, including vintage, antique, modern, collectibles, estate treasures and other valuables.  

No job is too big or too small for our company. We will come to your location and evaluate the best marketing strategy for the sale of your personal property.  

Don't know what it's worth?  We can help.  As part of our service, we will thoroughly research the data from recent auctions, sales and offerings to determine the best price for your items.

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